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Feb. 17, 2022

Talkin Kraken with The Old Man

Talkin Kraken with The Old Man

Hockey Podcast Centering on The Seattle Kraken

This Week, GlennB, Chats with New Hockey Fan, Kraken Fan, and Podcaster Jim or The Old Man.Topics Including Women Doing Play By Play aswell as being Management and Players, Faceoffs, What Does his Height have to do with it? Playing up or down to the competition and at the end a small taste of dad life for Glenn.

Jim Aka The Old Man does his Show Live on Podbean Monday to Friday. 7amPst. find the Podcast "The OldMan with Dena Jo and Erik Podcast" on Spotify,Apple or whereever you listen to Podcasts.

Find the Show on Twitter(https://www.twitter.com/KrakenFanCast)

Follow Thru The Website (https://www.KrakenFanCast.Net

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