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Feb. 25, 2022

StinkyDad NHL Picks 02/25/22

Welcome back for more game picks, last night seen 8 games in the NHL, and i picked 5 winners, bringing my running Talley to 12-7. Couple suprises, 1. Vancouver smoked a red hot Calgary Flames team who had won 10 in a row leading into the game. another shocker was the Devils destorying the Penguins. in both those games. i was exceedingly confident but alas, Thats NHL, anyone could beat anyone. just the chances arent always that good, moving on to tonights games, as usual starting at 7pm est. we have 6 match ups as i look to have 4 consecutive majority right games.


Columbus Blue Jackets (27-23-1) vs Carolina Hurricanes(35-11-4)

while it seems daily that a team i completely dismissed having any chance to win has kicked me in the butt several times in the small sample sized 3 days of picks, however i see no reason to change my strategy of selecting mostly favorites..i mean thats just smart. So of course im selecting the Bunch of Jerks Hurricanes to win

Buffalo Sabers(16-28-8) vs St.Louis Blues(30-14-6)

The Buffalo Sabers havent been good in years and the Blues have been able to susstain success for several years despite loosing a few key players over the years. the blues are build to win. im Taking the Blues.

New Jersey Devils(18-28-5) vs Chicago Black Hawks(18-26-6)

Im taking The Black hawks in hopes marc_andre Fleury can steal one.

Winnipeg Jets(22-20-9) vs Colorado Avalanche(37-10-4)

Im taking the Colorado Avalanche to win this one. 

Vegas Golden Knights(29-18-4) vs Arizona Coyotes(13-34-4)

I tried Supporting the Coyotes once and it didnt go anywhere good in fact they didnt even make it close so imlooking to the Knights  and Jack eichel im looking to win this game.

La Kings(27-17-7) vs Anaheim Ducks(25-19-9)

Once two powerhouse franchises, now are both mid card teams, not great and not bad. while both teams are good im lookingto the ducks offensive creativity to win this game.