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Feb. 24, 2022

StinkyDad NHL Picks 02/24/22

Last night Febaury 23rd i went 3-2, with the Arizona Coyotes failing to pulling off a miracle, and Buffalo Sabers managing to play worse than the Montreal Canadiens... so that bring me to record of 7-4 after 2 nights of games. Tonight we have pleathora of games, 8 to be specific, 
Games Get Started at 7pm Est.


Minnisoda Wild(31-14-3) vs Toronto Maple Leafs(32-14-4)

The Wild have been better this season after letting go of under performing Veterans Zach Parise, and Suter. infuse with some enthusiastic youth, and a General Manager who Pracrices and Preaches a family enviroment has seen alot more wins this season.

The Maple Leafs have Lost 3 straight games, and havent played up to their own lofty standards. that being said, good teams tend to have a statement game after a few consectutive losses and for that reason despite them failing me in thier last game. I am once again picking the Maple Leafs to win this game.

Columbus Blue Jackets(26-23-1) vs Flordia Panthers(35-11-5)

The Blue Jackets have cycled alot of players thru the organization with some success, but once again this season they are very regular. Patrick Laine is hot and cold, both with his scoring and seeming interest in playing. 

The Flordia Panther this year have been exceptional with thier core that they built thru the draft playing fantastic and a few signing that have paid off, both in Value and Production. 

Im going to take easy choice and Pick The Panthers to win.


Washington Capitals(28-15-9) vs New York Rangers(32-13-5)

The Alexenander Ovechkin lead Captials have managed to stay relevant for the better part of the last 15 years with many players coming and going...Ovechkin depsite his more advanced age(37) he is still playing a big role in nthe Capitals success.

The New York Rangers have been a  bit of a surprise, with their Young Gaolie Shechterkin has been as elite as they come, Kreider is having a career year scoring a ton so far this year.

These Teams Generally Play eachother tough and of course the Tom Wilson, Ryan Reaves Narrartive is leading the way, while i dont see that being a thing..Im going with the better goaltending and The Rangers to WIN

New Jersey Devils(17-28-5) vs Pittsburgh Penguins(31-13-8)

The Devils depsite having some top picks havent been able to translate that to winning on the ice and have continued to be in the bottom third of the league.

The Penguins, much like the a for mentioned Captials have been "in it, to win it"  for 15 years. a team that always seems to have players step up when needed, the continue to be successful, depsite both Crosby and Malkin missing time this season.

im taking the Penguins to win


Dallas Stars(28-20-2) vs Nashville Predators(29-18-4)

The Stars are on the second half of a back to back, getting a win last night in overtime. while i the idea of doubling down and taking the Stars again is intruiging.. Ultimately teams have a very low percentage, winning the second game of a back to back.

So im taking Nashville to win

Calgary Flames(30-13-6) vs Vancouver Canucks(24-22-6)

The Flames have been on  role, with a winnning streak up to 10, and are considered to  be a threat come play off time with strong defensive play and timely offense. 

the Canucks while they have played better after replacing thier head coach with Bruce Boudreau they still arent that great and prone to massive defensive lapses.

Im taking the Flames to win

Boston Bruins(29-17-4) vs Seattle Kraken(16-33-4)

The Bruins beat the Kraken in their last match up, and have once again this season been a good team, maybe not great team, im not sure if Brad Marchant will be available but i believe he is still suspended.

The Kraken who didnt have high expectations to begin with have played some truely  bad hockey recently, while i belive that wont continue after getting a day off at time after a cold western Canada road trip. 

Im taking the Buins to win.

New York Islanders(19-20-7) vs San Jose Sharks(22-22-6)

the night finishes off with a battle of mediocrity, as both the Islander have been nothing more than average. 

in a game im just not really overly enthusiastic about watching ill toss my zero dollars on ill take the Sharks to win