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Feb. 23, 2022

Stinky Dad's NHL Picks 02/23/22

Last Night I went 4-2 correctly Picking the Blues,Senators,Islanders and Ducks to Win, while I was wrong with the Leafs over the Blue Jackets, and The Predators Defeating the Panthers. Good Start.


Tonight February 23rd 2022 we have 5 games starting at 7:30pm Est.


Edmonton Oilers(28-19-3) VS Tampa Bay Lightning(32-11-6)

The Lightning have had to Replace alot of Quality Players, but with Elite Goaltending, as they Have they are still serious threats to win a cup...which would be 3 in a row. 

The Oilers on the Other Hand Havent had a great season despite their record. Fights with Media, Coach Getting Fired. The Oilers won 3 in row since The New Coach. 

Their Goaltending has been an issue all year, and it seems unlikely to change against the Lightning.

Im Taking The Lightning to Win


Winnipeg Jets(22-20-8) VS Dallas Stars(27-20-2)

The Jets overall have underperformed all year. The Usually Stellar Goalie Hellybuk has struggled to be Average. earlier this Season Their Head Coach "resigned" and They have remained mediocre.

The Dallas Stars have had to re tool in last couple years. Which has lead to some struggles as Younger Player get inserted into the line up. Much like the Jets Goaltending hasn't always been great thus far.

This game will likely to a grind it out type game, to which I say with very little confidence....I'm taking the Stars to win.


Buffalo Sabers(16-27-8) VS Montreal Canadiens(11-33-7)

The Buffalo Sabers, are Puzzling, while they always seem to have great players, the team over the last decade has consistently been Unable to win. 

The Canadiens after reaching the Stanley Cup Final Last Season are now dead last in the League, The bright Spot is seeing Hall a Famer Martin St Louis behind the Bench 

Again, due to both teams having the ability to toss a game with bad play. I'm taking the Sabers to win


Colorado Avalanche(36-10-4)VS Detroit Red Wings(23-22-6)

In A Match that was Hot back in 1996..in 2022 it's a mis match of grand Proportions. The Avalanche are high Flying with both their forwards and Defence. And Goaltending has been there when they need it...as Seen by their Record.

The Red Wings have been in a slow rebuild for a few years now, and remain average for a number of years. 

running the risk of this being a Trap Game for The Avalanche. I'm taking the Aves to Win.


LA Kings(26-17-7) VS Arizona Coyotes (13-33-4)


The LA Kings are Slowly becoming good again, after having to Rebuild around their Core which was young when they won 2 Stanley Cups in 2012, and 2014. Johnathan Quick has been better after his number dipped Probably not Coinsidentally during the teams "Bad Year"

The Coyotes Continue to Try and Rebuild, they happily take on Under Performing Players who are Grossly over paid. And continue to loose.

Much like the Miracle on Ice that happened Yesterday. I'm taking the Coyotes to win.


Check Back Tommorow And See how I Do