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Feb. 22, 2022

Stinky Dad's NHL Picks 02/22/22

Febuary 22nd/2022

Tonight in the NHL tonight, we Have 6 Games on Deck Starting at 7pm Est.

St. Louis Blues(29-14-60) VS Philidelphia Flyers(15-25-10)

Two Teams on Opposite Ends on the League, The Blues Continue to try for a second Cup, a Veteran Hard working team, coached By Craig Berube, whos First Head Coaching Job was with these Flyers, Many Years Ago.

The Flyers on the Other Hand have been Struggling to find wins, and rumours swirl around many of their Veteran players leading up to the trade deadline in a few weeks.

Im Taking the St. Louis Blues to Win  

Toronto Maple Leafs(32-14-3) VS Columbus Blue Jackets(25-23-1)

The Leafs Have Struggled a bit as of late, lossing 5-2 last night to the pathetically Bad Montreal Canadiens. however the leafs will go back to starter Jack Campbell for this game which could be good news.

The Blue Jackets have been average all year, Hampered by poor goaltending and Defense, the team has been mostly win one, loose one all year.

The Leafs Won the First Match up 5-4, Im taking the Leafs to win

Nashville Predators(28-18-4) VS Flordia Panthers(35-10-5)

The Nashville Predators have once again found elite Goaltending after Pekka Rhinne Retired, Not a High Scoring team, they try to play good defense to win games, Which hasnt worked Yet Against...

The Panthers who have won Both Meetings with the Predators this season, who have High Octane Skill, and scoring, aswell as Above average Goaltending Making them a Stanley Cup Contender.

The Panthers I Believe are just too good for the Predators and thats why Im Taking The Panther to win

Minnisota Wild (31-13-3) VS Ottawa Senators (18-26-5)

The Wild have had a resurgance and re tooling with an Infusion of youth this year after Bill Guerin Took over as Gm. gone are the days of the trap, and trying to win every game 2-1, The Wild this year can score goals with the best of them. 

The Senators on the other hand continue to struggle with sub par goaltending and a generally inexperienced roster. while they competetive, it hasnt lead them to a winning record.

This Game i could forsee being close, the Wild are a Younger team aswell and a case of Playing down to the competitiion is a risk. Im taking the Senators to win

New York Islander(18-20-7) VS Seattle Kraken(16-32-4)

The New York Islander havent have any Luck this year, and the team as a whole have under performed, They Lost 3-0 to the Kraken in thier First Match up.

Now Im Slightly Biast towards the Kraken, as a Podcast about the Kraken is Featured on this Very Site. The Kraken Play the Second game of a Back to Back, after Playing poorly Last Night In Vancouver giving a record number of Shots..

while you may expect me to Take the Kraken in this Match Up,...Im taking the Islanders to Win 

San Jose Sharks(22-22-5) Vs Anaheim Ducks (24-19-9)

In this All-Cali match up, both teams arent what they were 5-7 year ago when they were yearly Stanley Cup Contenders, Both Teams now Have Older Veterans who are guiding the New Young Core along. I belive in this match up the Key will be Special Teams. So far this year the Ducks have been much better in that area. For that reason, Im taking the Ducks to win